Polemics evolve around the idea of a modern human physically and emotionally being in a constant motion. Because of that we tend to underestimate simple things. This bed is a subtile attempt to interrupt this motion.

Bed surface is elevated to a 75 centimeters hight and to get in to it one must to step on a stone boulder. In this way, through objects proportion, a ritual is created. A step from routine on a piece of nature, in to a stage of relaxation.

Traditional Japanese sleeping way on a hard surface using Futon mattress is suggested.

Asian cultures were improving and upholding core believes, philosophy and aesthetics for thousands of years. Not until beginning of twenty-century, when western culture came to recognition thru seaports and trade.

Western civilization underwent many epochs, from medieval, gothic, renaissance and so on, to modern times, which relatively lasted quite short time and cultural and aesthetic values were reinvented around every 300 hundred years.

Eastern and Oriental, cultures, as one part of human civilization evolved one direction in time and western civilizations at some point wandered to a different direction.

Two cultures meet in different time and context and again we can exchange information and traditions.

New typology of bed furniture is created fusing western form of bed with traditional Oriental way of sleeping, with the feel of luxury, through out the proportions and materials.

General shape and proportion arrangement calls for viewers attention and observation.

The edge proportion is constructed to express tension between materials: metal frame is 7, and wood board is 4 centimeters thickness. This expresses “functional” and “practical” material usage.

The beds feet-end, in term of composition, is the heavy part of the bed. Paradoxically it accommodates wheel axel and is responsible for mobility.

Observing the furniture towards headrest metal frame transit thru a curve to a 3x3 centimeter profile. Additional offset from the headrest gives a general feel of lightness. When observing from the back, surface seems to be floating. Even if the bed is placed next to the wall, the gap expresses pragmatic placement of a furniture with space.

Overall component composition gives a feel of purity and calm, but is dynamic. Sheer size of the furniture brings in interior usage and configuration in to account. Thus, it is not just a free standing piece, but more as a sculpture-dependent of its surroundings and vice versa.

Bed is mobile, and depending on mood it can be repositioned.

Bed frame is made up from brushed aluminum profiles and sheets. Profile dimensions vary from 7x7 to 3x3 centimeters. All welded.

Mattress and head boards are glued from pine wood planks. Drilled perforation holes for added ventilation.

Natural stone boulder of an approximate hight of 30 centimeters for a comfortable step.